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N. S., India, INSEAD MBA, 2022


"I am truly grateful for the support offered by the MBA for Women Foundation before joining the INSEAD MBA program. Coming to INSEAD was one of the best decisions of my life, and I will always be indebted to the foundation for their help in this incredible journey. At a time when arranging tuition from banks back home was becoming increasingly stressful due to tedious documentation and the need for a guarantor, their hassle-free, non-collateral loan came as a big relief. The foundation's assistance not only alleviated my financial burdens but also empowered me to focus entirely on my studies and professional growth. This support allowed me to fully immerse myself in the INSEAD experience, fostering invaluable connections and gaining insights that have shaped my career."



N. E., Mexico, IMD Lausanne MBA, 2020


Securing a place at IMD MBA in Lausanne marked just the beginning of my journey. The financial puzzle loomed large, and finding a solution proved challenging after extensive research. Fortunately, my quest led me to the MBA for Women Foundation, whose commitment to empowering women through education is both inspiring and life-changing. Their generous support not only alleviated my financial burden but also provided the means to pursue my academic and professional goals. This invaluable assistance has transformed my educational experience and enriched my career prospects. The MBA for Women Foundation's visionary investment in my future reinforces the transformative power of education. I am proud to be associated with this remarkable foundation and eagerly anticipate realizing my full potential thanks to their belief in me.



A.S., Venezuela, INSEAD MBA, 2019


There was a time in my life when I knew I had to open doors of opportunities for myself abroad. I decided to embark on an MBA in a school that fit me in so many ways, INSEAD. At the time, living in Venezuela I had very few options for funding my studies and the foundation was essential for me to be able to go through such an amazing experience. Not only did I enjoy my MBA year to the fullest, gained lots of friendships and a new perspective on the world, but also unlocked opportunities to move to London and change my income in a significant way. The foundation also supported me when COVID caused me to lose my job, giving me options in our financial commitment through that time. I feel proud to have paid them back and extremely grateful of the commitment and generosity of the institution.

Thank you.



J.W., China, IMD Lausanne, MBA, 2019


"Pursuing a full time MBA after having a steady career of years requires courage, a leap of faith, and substantial investment of both time and money. A few years ago, when I was determined to join IMD to get my MBA, I had courage and faith in myself to succeed in this journey, but I lacked funds to support it nor was it easy to find such externally, given I was working in a country as a foreigner where it was not common to have middle career students, let alone foreign women middle career students. At that time, I turned to MBA for Women Foundation for help, who generously provided me with the funds I needed at a very reasonable interest rate, especially when compared with other commercial loan providers. What's more, I found in the testimonies a lot more peers who used to be just like me and who received help from the foundation and subsequently fulfilled their dreams, which I thought was inspiring. I would like to thank the foundation for trusting and providing financial support to women who are pursuing higher education, and for enabling one after another success stories."



N. F., Cairo, Egypt, Kellogg-WHU, 2017


I have had a lifetime commitment to advance my career since I was a little girl. In our part of the world - Middle East - it is quite challenging, not only because of the cultural challenges but from the financial aspect as well. Not all the Middle East countries are wealthy, and coming from Egypt with all the economic and political turmoil in the last couple of years, it looked like I would never have access to a world class education that takes me to where I want to be. I decided to do my best and went on with my set commitment, joining the Executive MBA Program that supports an executive level of education that can fit into your business calendar. While searching for the best program that gives you the best global network, a top business school in Europe and a top business school in US, I couldn’t find a better one than the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program. It was a dream come true when I received the acceptance letter, but could it really become true if I compared my income in euros to the school fees? Before it became only a dream, the MBA for Women Foundation Scholarship supported me in realizing my dream of pursuing such a prestigious program. Immediately after my acceptance I started to receive further progress in my career. It wasn’t just the financial aid that gave me this support, but the idea that women can find a way to get what they are working hard for and the opportunity to show their competencies that can make this world a much better place. I’m now a proud student of Kellogg-WHU and am looking forward to be a supporting alumna in the very near future.



A. E., Pension Fund Investment Manager, Nigeria, 

Kellogg-WHU, full time MBA, 2016


"The biggest challenge in pursuing an EMBA was definitely the cost aspect. In Nigeria our currency is constantly depreciating, that’s why financial support for me was so crucial. I got support from family and friends back home as well but it was not enough to cover all costs. That’s why I applied to the MBA For Women Foundation. These types of scholarships are really helpful. I hope that once I finish the EMBA I will have more confidence in my decisions and I will be able to better evaluate ideas and decisions. I do have a lot of ideas for businesses, but how do you get from ideas to a business? That’s why I decided an EMBA would be the right thing to do. And because I had all these entrepreneurial ideas in my head I looked for an MBA with a strong focus on the entrepreneurial areas. That’s why I chose the Kellogg-WHU EMBA Program."



A.B., Romania, International Project Lead, IMD Lausanne

full, time MBA 2015


I wanted to do an MBA for a number of years before I actually submitted my application. After working in functions from customer management to corporate reporting to business analyst / consultant and business development manager across 4 countries, I had decided it was the right time to pursue what was at that time the dream of an MBA at a top business school. My main goal was to develop my leadership abilities to the next level, while expanding my knowledge of general management practices from both world class professors and classmates from a variety of backgrounds. Looking back now, I could not have made a better decision. In addition to the invaluable knowledge, I got friendships for life and also became part of a large international network of alumni. Thanks to the support of the MBA for Women Foundation, I was able to complete my financing plan for the MBA at a very reasonable rate (which otherwise would have been difficult or even impossible) and thus make the dream become reality. Post MBA, I rejoined the advisory world and developed an interest in sustainable business practices. Thank you, MBA for Women Foundation, for the support you gave me and that you continue to give to young women to finance their education at top schools and get the confidence needed to advance their careers.



P.G., India, INSEAD MBA, 2015


It has been 2 years since I graduated from INSEAD, and I never stop thinking what a great opportunity it was. INSEAD became the thread that today connects my profession, my passion as well as my friends! At the time of joining business school, my primary concern was access to funds to support my MBA education. I lived in Singapore at that time but didn’t qualify for education loans since I was not a citizen. Similarly, even though I was going to study in France, I could not take a loan in Europe. Obtaining funds in India was proving to be quite difficult as not only was the cost prohibitive but also needed a collateral. MBA for Women Foundation was my blessing at the time – with affordable interest rates and no collateral. It enabled me to study at INSEAD, gain employment as a management consultant and be selected for Homeward Bound (women leadership program on gender diversity and climate change).



M. K., Russia, HSG St. Gallen MBA, 2014


In 2013 I decided to do a full-time MBA programme in a pursuit of a functional career change. Despite the fact that Russian economy was growing consistently starting from 2009 the question of financing my year off work was at the top of my agenda as money is not cheap in developing economies. I was very lucky to find out about the MBA for Women foundation - highly reliable organization - that provided me with financial support at extremely affordable and reasonable conditions. I am very grateful for the support of MBA for Women foundation as it allowed me to live a year full of new experiences, challenge my personality, enlarge my horizons, get new friends, extend professional network and, most importantly, switch functions from project controlling to HR while getting a managerial position from day one in a new function.



A. K., Chemical Engineer, Morocco, INSEAD MBA, 2012


«After 5 years of a diversified professional experience, I wanted to get an international exposure and to deepen my knowledge of financial issues. It was definitely the right time for me to apply for an MBA. I was overwhelmed when I was offered a place at INSEAD. However my initial enthusiasm did not last. How was I going to raise funds to pay for tuitions and living expenses? I understood that a new journey was beginning…

Financing an MBA is a major challenge in itself, even more so for candidates from developing countries. In fact there are virtually no local financial resources available for people intending to achieve such programs. The MBA for Women Foundation allowed me to complete my financial plan and relieved me from financial concerns. After INSEAD, I plan to work in an international organization, on topics linked with assistance to developing countries, preferably on energy and environment issues.»



N. N., Industrial Engineer,  Argentinia, IMD Lausanne MBA, 2012


«I am an Industrial Engineer and most of my work experience is connected to the Oil & Gas business in South America. I decided to do an MBA at this stage of my career given that I have maximized my role as a business analyst. In my current job I was able to gain exposure to very difficult situations as part of an international consortium, and also be part of tough negotiations which also involved stakeholders from the political arena.

In order to grow in my field, I need the international general management exposure that I will get in an MBA at IMD. The MBA for Women Foundation has especially played a key role in giving me the possibility to finance my participation in IMD´s program, given that in Argentina, loans for an MBA do not even exist.»



A. A., Mexico, EADA MBA, 2012


«After receiving a bachelor’s in International Business, acquiring 4 years of experience in the commercial industry and the marketing field, I felt the need to expand my horizons and to seek enrichment in an international career was more than obvious. Acquiring an MBA would allow me to achieve so many goals, such as enhance my economic achievement, increase my comprehension and knowledge of relevant international developments and issues so that I could truly become a proactive leader and team member; capable of recognizing issues that can be realistically acted upon to improve women participation in the international business ambit. Possibly due to global crises and its impact, the possibility of scholarships or financial aid was close to nonexistent.

In retrospect, the application and admission process, along with acquisition of viable financial aid, were perhaps the most difficult parts of the whole trial; at times it felt as if all “doors were closing at once”. I have been privileged to have received the support from MBA for Women Foundation, without which my dream of studying in a top MBA program would not be reality. The loan that I have received through the foundation has been without doubt the best investment in my career so far.»



S. R., Manufacturing Engineer, India, INSEAD MBA, 2011


«I have worked in the automotive design, engineering and manufacturing industry for over 7 years where I held different positions in the design, engineering and manufacturing departments at one of the world's largest automotive firms. Working at international locations, such as, Germany and Sweden, and USA, collaborating with designers to innovate design idea, I had the opportunity to work on the development of award winning European cars. I applied to the INSEAD MBA Programme to gain more exposure to finance, marketing and other management topics. Additionally, INSEAD gives me a chance to study with the most diverse student group, with student coming from more than 80 nationalities. This would not have been possible without the financial support from the MBA for Women Foundation.»



M. C., Russia, HSG St. Gallen MBA, 2011


«In Russia financing is very expensive, especially for people who plan to discontinue work in order to study. Interest rates vary from 15 - 25% plus in RUR and over 10% in USD or EUR with several guarantors required. Such conditions prohibit many talented Russians from studies abroad. I was lucky to get the support of the MBA for Women Foundation. The Foundation helped me to finance my studies at a very reasonable cost. The HSG MBA fully fits my needs and plans to further develop in financial management and business administration. Following my MBA I plan to continue my work in corporate finance.» 

N. F., Cairo, Egypt, Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA, 2017